Free Assignment Tracking Template for Google Sheets

Are you looking for an assignment tracking template? When your tasks begin to pile up into several imaginary towers, it’s easy for you to be overwhelmed, not knowing where to start. Moreover, you might not even be able to keep track of all of them, resulting in missed assignments and potentially bad marks.

Having an assignment tracker to keep every task means you’ll be able to organize, stay on top, and complete all your assignments on time. All you need to do is open our Assignment Tracking Template, hit the “Make a copy” button and start sorting out your to-do list.

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While it’s easy to navigate, make sure you read ahead to discover how to use our assignment tracking template to the fullest. We also have another assignment tracking template that lets you map out your assignments throughout the semester—a perfect fit for your syllabus.

What Should a Good Homework Spreadsheet Have?

In general, you’ll want a few fields that will help describe your assigned tasks and some markers for better organization. Here are some essential components to look for:

  • Assignment description: An efficient assignment tracking template will have space so you can jot down assignment notes. This avoids confusion and lets you anticipate the difficulty of your to-dos.
  • Dates: Having dedicated fields for your due dates lets you plan your schedule better. This way, you know how much time you have to complete a task. Additionally, when paired with your assignment notes, you can sort them according to priority levels.
  • Completion status: Keeping track of task statuses lets you know which tasks have started, are in progress, are accomplished, or need revision. Moreover, it’s also a great way to remember which tasks you need to return to.
  • Subject and type: You also want to categorize your assignments into their respective subjects. Another way to group them is by assignment type, including papers, lab reports, collaborative work, and similar tasks.

The components above are only a few useful fields in an assignment tracking template. For example, some spreadsheets also include monthly views or trackers for semester-wide assignment lists. Templates such as these will undoubtedly have other categories you’d need to explore.

Basic Assignment Tracking Template

With all the considerations laid out above, we created a simple but effective assignment tracking template you can use for free. While it may only feature a single functional tab, it has nine named columns you can organize according to your tasks.

If you haven’t already, you can download our free assignment tracking template here:

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Let’s discuss the template in more detail.

Column A—Days Remaining

This is self-explanatory, but you can refer to this column to see the number of days you have left to do or submit your assignment. Depending on the days remaining, you can also decide which tasks to prioritize according to their deadlines.

The cells under this column are automatically updated using our pre-loaded formulas, so avoid modifying them. Instead, you can change the values under the last two columns of this template.


Assignment tracking template—days remaining column


Columns B to D—Tags for Status, Subject, and Task Type

Under these columns, you can set the categories of your assignments either by their completion status, class, or assignment type. You can select the values from the drop-down lists that come with the template based on the American curriculum.

Additionally, these statuses are associated with specific colors, making them more visual so that you can view and handle multiple ongoing tasks more efficiently. If the subjects listed differ from what you’re currently taking, you can modify the options.

To modify the subject options, follow the steps below:

  1. First, click on a cell’s drop-down list and locate the pen icon at the bottom.
Assignment tracking template—drop-down list pen icon


  1. Click the pen icon to open the drop-down settings on the left-hand side of your screen.
  2. Change the values listed on the options, such as editing Math to Physics.
  3. Once you’ve set your preferred selection, click the “Done” button.
Assignment tracking template—data validation on Google Sheets


  1. Upon clicking, a pop-out might appear on your screen asking whether to apply the changes to a wider cell range.
  2. Simply click “Apply to all” to replicate the changes to the other cells.
Assignment tracking template—apply data validation to all


Another handy feature is the filter option in the “Status” column. You can use this to view your tasks based on their completion level. For example, you can choose to see only the in-progress tasks. Here’s how you do it.

  1. To get started, click on the filter icon next to the “Status” label.
Assignment tracking template—filter icon on Google Sheets


  1. You should see a list of values with checkmarks on their left side once you scroll down.
  2. To deselect all of them, click on “Clear.”
Assignment tracking template—clearing filter values on Google Sheets


  1. Next, begin selecting the tasks you want to see per status, such as To start and In-progress.
  2. Finally, click “OK.”
Assignment tracking template—change filter value on Google Sheets


  1. To revert the view, simply follow steps one to five, ensuring to select all the categories again.

Columns E to I—Assignment Details

You can start entering the information you know about the tasks at hand. The columns E to G are divided into three categories: Assignment Title, Description, and Files/Links. If your assignment has attachments and URLs, such as resources, you can keep them in the last column mentioned.

Assignment tracking template—assignment details tracker


Meanwhile, columns H to I serve as fields where you can input the dates when your task is given and when you need to submit it. Take note that these are installed with data validation rules—you can’t enter values that aren’t valid dates. These values are also used to calculate the Days Remaining column.

Semester Assignment Spreadsheet

If you are looking to plan your entire semester ahead of time with your potential tasks, this is a helpful assignment tracking template. It’s much simpler than the previous spreadsheet discussed and gives you a semester-wide overview of your assignments.

Get the template here: Semester Assignment Spreadsheet

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This assignment tracking template has only three fields that you can update. The first field is the (1) Date, which is located under the seven days of the week (with a total of fifteen weeks in the spreadsheet as per the American semester.)

Assignment tracking template—semester assignment spreadsheet


The second is the (2) Tags field, which allows you to categorize your tasks according to the subject. As with the other template, these tags are color-coded for an easier view. Lastly, you can also populate the (3) Assignment Details, the blank spaces beside the tags.

Why Use Our Assignment Schedule Templates?

You can virtually make a never-ending list of benefits from using a homework spreadsheet, but to name a few, here are some reasons why they’re beneficial for managing your workload.

  • Organization: As repeatedly emphasized, these assignment tracking templates help you categorize your tasks according to subject, type, and completion status, making it easier to organize your workload.
  • Time Management: You can keep track of your due dates better with the automated counting of the days remaining for a task. You can manage your time better and learn to prioritize tasks according to deadlines.
  • Easy Access: Our spreadsheets run on Google Sheets, which you can easily access anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet. On top of that, they’re also ready to be filled out as soon as you make a copy for yourself.

Wrapping Up

Sticking to your deadlines and organizing your tasks doesn’t need to be complicated. You can easily do this with the help of our assignment tracking template on Google Sheets. Access more of these excellent templates by visiting our other blogs too!

If you want to learn about Google Sheets to the next level, consider checking out relevant courses at Udemy.


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