How To Add Bitmoji to Google Slides

Say goodbye to boring slides — Bitmojis are here to jazz up your presentation. Like drawings and GIFs, Bitmojis are a great way to inject fun into Google Slides. These cute avatars will make your slideshow more captivating to viewers of all ages, allowing you to convey your message clearly.

How to add Bitmoji to Google Slides—What are Bitmojis


Wondering how to add Bitmoji to Google Slides? Easy: Just download the Bitmoji web extension and directly add the stickers to your slide. Read on for a detailed breakdown of the steps, plus expert tips to improve your presentations.

How To Add Bitmoji to Google Slides

Step 1: Create an Avatar on the Bitmoji Mobile App

As of publication, you can’t create a Bitmoji on the web; you can only do so on the Bitmoji app.

  1. If you don’t already have the Bitmoji app on your mobile device, download it from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).
  2. Once installed, open the app.
  3. Log in to your Bitmoji account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one by following the instructions on the screen. Customize your avatar and click “Save” once you are satisfied with its appearance.
How to create an avatar on Bitmoji


Note: You can only edit your avatar using the app. If you want to modify your Bitmoji’s appearance — do not delete it from your device.

Step 2: Install the Bitmoji Web Extension

While sending your Bitmojis to yourself and downloading them onto your PC is possible, this method can be quite tedious. A more convenient option is to use the official Bitmoji add-on for Chrome, which allows you to directly add your Bitmojis to Google Slides.

  1. Add the Bitmoji extension to your browser. You can only use Bitmoji on your PC if you’re on Google Chrome.
How to install the Bitmoji extension on Chrome


  1. Once installed, click on the “Extensions” icon in your browser. From the list of extensions, choose “Bitmoji” and click on it to launch. We recommend clicking the pin icon next to it to add a shortcut to your Chrome toolbar for easier access in the future.
How to activate the Bitmoji extension


  1. Select “Get Started” when prompted.
How to use the Bitmoji extension on Chrome


  1. Log in to your Bitmoji account using the same account details you used when creating your Bitmoji avatar on the mobile app.
How to log into Bitmoji


  1. After being redirected to a page that says “You’re Logged In!“, you can close it and proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Add Bitmoji to Google Slides

Now that you’ve made your avatar and installed the add-on, you may wonder how to put Bitmoji on Google Slides. To do that:

  1. Open your Google Slides presentation.
  2. Select the slide where you want to insert the Bitmoji.
  3. Click on the Bitmoji extension icon in the toolbar to open the Bitmoji menu.
How to launch the Bitmoji extension on Chrome


  1. Choose a Bitmoji from the menu. To speed up your search, type a keyword into the “Search Bitmoji” box. For example, if you want to add a Bitmoji about teaching, type “teach.”
How to select a Bitmoji sticker


  1. To add it to Google Slides, you can click and drag the sticker to your slide.
How to drag and drop a Bitmoji to Google Slides


  1. You can also right-click on your chosen sticker, select “Copy Image,” right-click on your slide, and choose “Paste” (alternatively, press Ctrl + V on Windows or Command + V on Mac).
How to copy and paste a Bitmoji as image into Google Slides

How To Design a Bitmoji Classroom on Google Slides

Here’s how to create a Bitmoji classroom on Google Slides:

  1. Open your Google Slides presentation and create a blank slide. You can do this by right-clicking on a slide and then going to “Apply Layout” > “Blank.”
How to apply a blank layout on Google Slides


  1. On the toolbar, click on “Background.”
How to change the background on Google Slides


  1. Click “Choose Image.”
How to change the background image on Google Slides


  1. Select “Google Images.” Search for a suitable background for your Bitmoji classroom. Aim to make it resemble your classroom background so your students feel more immersed in the experience.
How to do a web search for images on Google Slides


  1. Choose an appropriate photo and select “Insert” to set it as your slide’s background.
How to search and select for Bitmoji classroom backgrounds


  1. Next, go to “Insert” > “Image” > “Search the Web” on the menu bar.
How to insert images on Google Slides


  1. On the sidebar, search for images of items you’d usually see in a classroom, such as chalkboards, chairs, and bookshelves. To add an image to your slide, drag and drop it onto the space.
How to add images from the web


  1. Wondering how to add your Bitmoji to Google Slides? To add your Bitmoji avatar, click the Bitmoji extension on the Chrome toolbar. Drag and drop the sticker of your choice onto your slide.
How to add a Bitmoji to your classroom


  1. Resize, reorder, and reposition the elements on your slide (try to make it look like a real classroom!)
  2. Place the text box on your chalkboard by going to “Insert” and then “Text Box” on the menu bar. This is where you can type your slide’s topic(s).
How to add a text box on Google Slides


  1. If you want to use the same Bitmoji classroom layout for the next slides, simply right-click on the slide and select “Duplicate Slide.”
How to duplicate a slide on Google Slides


To make your Bitmoji classroom more interactive, you may want to incorporate other multimedia elements (e.g., audio and video).

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Tips on How to Use Bitmoji in Google Slides

Knowing how to add Bitmoji to Google Slides is one thing, but mastering how to tweak them is another. Here are a few expert tips to take your presentation to the next level:

Changing the Bitmoji’s Order

When you add your Bitmoji to Google Slides, it will be placed on top of existing elements, potentially blocking your text. To correct your Bitmoji’s position, right-click on it, go to “Order,” and then pick a position.

In the example below, if you’d want to move the Bitmoji behind the desk, you’d click “Order” > “Send to Back.”

How to change the order of images on Google Slides

Formatting Bitmojis

Play around with the “Format Options” on the toolbar to customize your Bitmoji’s color, size, position, and more. You can add a drop shadow to give your Bitmoji more dimension, adjust its opacity, or change its color completely.

How to edit an image using the Formatting Options tool

Cropping Bitmojis

Let’s say you find a Bitmoji; however, there are a few details that you’re not fond of. Fortunately, a quick fix exists: Just crop them out! Here’s how:

  1. Drag and drop your Bitmoji onto your Google slide.
  2. Double-click on the Bitmoji. You can also right-click on it and then go to “Crop Image.”
How to crop an image on Google Slides


  1. Click on any of the markers that appear on the black border. Drag it inward to crop.
How to change the crop borders on Google Slides


  1. Hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard.
Before and after cropping—A comparison of cropped images

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Add a Friend’s Bitmoji to Your Slides?

Since you don’t have access to other people’s Bitmoji accounts, you cannot add their Bitmojis to your slide directly. But you can collaborate on a slide. That way, they can add and share their Bitmojis from their browsers. To do this, simply:

  1. Open your Google Slides presentation.
  2. Click on the blue “Share” button.
How to share a presentation on Google Slides


  1. In the dialog box, add your friend/collaborator’s email address.
How to add contacts as collaborators on Google Slides


  1. Hit “Done.” Now, your friend can edit your file and add their own Bitmojis.
How to share edit access with others on Google Slides


You can also use a PNG image file of your friend’s Bitmoji. Here’s how to add a friend’s Bitmoji to Google Slides using this method:

  1. Ask them to send you an image of their Bitmoji so you can download it to your device. They can do this by right-clicking on the Bitmoji from the extension’s menu and selecting “Save image as…”.
How to save a Bitmoji on your device


  1. Once you’ve downloaded your friend’s Bitmoji to your device, open your Google Slides presentation.
  2. Go to “Insert” > “Image” > “Upload from computer” on the menu bar. Select your friend’s Bitmoji from the saved location.
How to upload images from computer to Google Slides

How Do You Make an Animated Bitmoji in Google Slides?

Animated Bitmojis not only make your slides more dynamic, but they can also be used to tell a story. To add animations to your Bitmojis, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the Bitmoji avatar you’ve added to your slide.
  2. On the toolbar, choose “Animate.” This will open a sidebar of “Motion” options.
How to animate Bitmojis on Google Slides


  1. Go to “Object Animations” and select your Bitmoji avatar.
How to set an image's animations on Google Slides


  1. Expand the first drop-down menu to set an animation type (e.g., appear, fade in, fade out).
How to choose an image's animation on Google Slides


  1. Next, expand the second drop-down menu to set a start condition. This will determine when the animation will start to play.
How to set a start condition for animations on Google Slides


  1. You can also tweak the start condition’s slider to increase or decrease the speed of the animation.
How to change speed of animations on Google Slides


  1. Press “Play” to preview your animation.
How to preview animations on Google Slides

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to add Bitmoji to Google Slides will allow you to make enjoyable presentations and leave a lasting impression on your viewers. By following this guide, you can create a slideshow that will have everyone in awe from beginning to end — and leave them wanting more!

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