How To Insert Google Slides Icons [4 Simple Methods]

While Google Slides doesn’t have a built-in icon tool, there are other ways to get icons for Google Slides — and they’re all easy! The most common method is through add-ons.

Simply install an add-on from the “Extensions” tab on the menu bar, and you’ll gain access to a vast library of Google Slides symbols.

Keep reading to explore four simple ways to add Google Slides icons to your presentation!

How To Add Google Slides Icons Using Add-ons

The most popular way to get Google Slides icons is through add-ons or extensions from the Google Workspace Marketplace. These third-party tools allow you to take your custom presentation to the next level.

  1. Open your Google Slides presentation and navigate to the “Extensions” tab on the menu bar.
  2. Choose “Add-ons” > “Get add-ons.”
Google Slides icons—How to install add-ons in Google Slides


  1. In the search box, type “icon” and hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard.
  2. Browse the results and select an add-on for icons. We highly recommend the “Icons for Slides & Docs” add-on by Freepik.
How to install icon extensions on Google Slides


  1. Select “Install.” In the dialog box that pops up, press “Continue.”
Installing Icons for Slides and Docs extension


  1. Once the add-on is installed, select the “Extensions” tab on the menu bar, search for the add-on’s name, and click “Start.”
How to activate add-ons in Google Slides


  1. This will open the “Flaticon” pane. Use the search box to find a desired icon style and press “Enter.”
  2.  Choose an icon from the results.
How to use the Flaticon extension


  1. Select an icon size and click “Insert” to add it to your slide.
How to insert icons from the Flaticon extension


There are a few other great add-ons to get Google Slides icons:

How To Add Google Slides Icons Using the “Insert” Tool

If you prefer icons with a cute and cartoony style, you can use emojis as icons in Google Slides:

  1. Select a text box.
How to select a text box on Google Slides


  1. Head to “Insert” > “Special Characters.”
How to insert special characters in Google Slides


  1. Set the second drop-down menu to “Emoji” and the third drop-down menu to your desired emoji style (e.g., People and Emotions, Objects).
Navigating the Insert Special Characters menu


  1. Click on the emoji you’d like to add.
How to insert an Emoji in Google Slides


  1. Once done, click the “X” button to continue editing.
Choosing an Emoji from the Insert Special Characters menu

How To Add Icons to Google Slides with a Web Search Tool

To insert Google Slides symbols from the web:

  1. Open your Google Slides presentation.
  2. On the toolbar, head to “Insert” > “Search the web.”
How to insert images from the web in Google Slides


  1. Type a search term in the search box, such as “icon” or “pink Google Slides icon,” and press the “Enter” key.
How to use the web search feature on Google Slides


  1. To add the desired icon or set of icons to your slide, simply drag and drop it into the space.
GIF of adding images to Google Slides from web search


  1. If you’ve added a set of icons, crop out the icon(s) you want to use. Double-click the image and adjust the crop area by dragging the crop handles inward. Once done, press “Enter” to apply the crop. Only the selected icon(s) should be visible.
GIF of how to crop images on Google Slides


  1. Position your icon(s) on your slide.

Since your icon will be an image, using the “Format Options” tool on the toolbar, it’s easy to change its color, contrast, and transparency.

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How To Add Google Slides Icons from Third-Party Sites

If none of the add-ons have the icon you’re looking for, don’t worry! Numerous third-party websites have extensive libraries of free icons for Google Slides. Here’s how to add Google Slides icons:

  1. Open a reputable website offering free icons for Google Slides, such as Icons8, Flaticon, or The Noun Project. For this guide, we’ll use Icons8.
  2. Choose an icon from the website’s library. Using a search bar will speed up your selection.
  3. Select the icon that you want to add to Google Slides.
How to get Google Slides icons from third party sites


  1. Click “Copy” > “PNG.”
How to copy the PNG file of icons from Icons8


  1. Open your presentation on Google Slides.
  2. Select the slide where you want the symbol to be placed.
  3. Right-click and select “Paste.” Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + V on your Windows keyboard (or Command + V on Mac).

Whichever website you choose to get Google Slides icons, the process to save and add the icons to your slide will be similar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Google Slides Have an Icon Section?

Google Slides does not currently have a built-in tool to add icons. While you can use Emojis as an alternative, they may not fully meet your specific requirements.

Why Add Icons to Google Slides Presentations?

Google Slides icons are a great way to communicate concepts more clearly. They serve as visual aids, presenting your ideas in a way your audience can easily understand. Furthermore, icons can facilitate retention, as viewers are more likely to remember presentations with pictures than those without.

Final Thoughts

By incorporating Google Slides icons, you’ll structure information more clearly, reinforce key concepts, and enhance its professional appeal.

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