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6 Wedding Planning Spreadsheets for an Effortless 2024 Event

We all know that planning a wedding can be stressful. It’s tough to stay on top of everything that goes into your special day. Luckily, you can make a wedding planning spreadsheet in Google Sheets to make things a little easier.

This guide will show you how to make wedding-related spreadsheets and offer easy-to-use downloadable templates. Whether you’re looking for a wedding budget template in Google Sheets, a schedule, or anything in between, we have you covered.

Read on to learn more.

Things to Focus on When Creating Wedding Planning Templates

Here are some things you should add to a wedding spreadsheet template:

  1. Guest list: A list of friends and family you wish to invite to your wedding is the most important thing in planning a wedding. Creating a guest list will help you keep track of all the people you want to invite, including the children. This will also let you know how much food and seating you need at your wedding reception.
  2. Venue: Deciding the venue of your special day is essential. You would need to decide on the location of your ceremony and the reception. Make sure to visit these places before you make any final decisions, and include these addresses in your spreadsheet.
  3. Vendors: You should keep a list of vendors that are available to supply for your wedding. You may also want to include the costs for each or a separate sheet with a selection of vendors. For example, we have a template below just for photographers but also a wedding budget Google Sheet template that includes all the vendors you may use.
  4. Ceremony and Reception Schedule: Creating a spreadsheet with the timings can help you stay on track. You need to decide when the ceremony and the reception will begin and end. For example, guests must be at the ceremony venue by 2 pm. The groom, the best man, and the bride’s maid of honor should be at the altar by 2:15 pm, etc.

The only problem is that adding all these things to one spreadsheet can make it overwhelmingly large. So in our case, we opted to make several different templates for you. But you could combine each wedding planning worksheet to make a bigger amalgamation of spreadsheets. Here’s how:

  1. Open up all the spreadsheets you wish to combine so they’re at the top of your recent Sheets.
  2. Click the small arrow next to the name of the sheet at the bottom of the page of one of the sheets.
  3. Navigate to Copy to > Existing spreadsheet
    Copy spreadsheets to other spreadsheets
  4. In the menu that pops up, click the spreadsheet you want the sheet to show up in.
  5. Click Select. The copy of the sheet will now be in the other spreadsheet too.
An example of a copied spreadsheet

Our Wedding Planning Spreadsheet Templates

If you don’t want to learn how to make the spreadsheets yourself, you can stop reading and simply download our pre-made templates to help plan your wedding. Here are our wedding planner documents and spreadsheets:

Note: You could also use the Photographer contact list to help you decide between other service providers like musicians or catering companies. Simply make a new copy of the template and change the title.

Note: If you need to add rows to the wedding budget Google Sheets template, you’ll have to click the fill handle over the last existing cell in column D and drag the calculations over the new cells so the difference will be calculated automatically.

We also have several Wedding Guest List Templates for Google Sheets that you should download.

You may also want to consider using a project management spreadsheet to help keep track of all the smaller project involved with planning a wedding.

Let’s take a quick look at how we made some of these templates, so you know how to make your own from scratch.

How to Create a Wedding Planner Template for a Guest List

Creating a wedding planning template for guests is easy and only requires you to follow a few simple steps. Here are the things you need to add to your guest planner template in Google Sheets:

wedding planning spreadsheet for guests
  1. The header label needs to be added to the wedding spreadsheet. In our template, we merged the cells by selecting them and clicking on Format in the main bar. There, select the Merge cells option and choose your desired option.
  2. Now, type the label into the text box. You can also change the font and the size of the text using the buttons in the main toolbar of the spreadsheet. You can also change the Fill color of the text box, and you can also change the Font color.
A completed guest list template
  1. Once the label has been added, now is the time to add the various elements to the guest list wedding planner spreadsheet. We added elements like guest names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and the number of guests. Feel free to change the fill and font colors and add borders to the cells. You can add cells by clicking the Borders button in the toolbar and selecting the type of border your wish to add.
Adding checkmarks and lists from a range
  1. Many of the cells in the spreadsheet have a limited number of choices. Whether you sent the invite can either have a true or false response. To make this easier for the user, we can add a checkbox so they don’t have to type in their response manually. To add a checkbox, click and drag to select the cells. Then, click on Insert in the top bar and select the Checkbox option.
  2. Some options you added may have more than two options, and this is where you can use a list-style menu to select the options. You can add these to your cells by selecting them and then clicking on Data in the top bar. There, select the Data validation option. In the window that opens, select the range of cells to which you want to apply it and then enter the parameters. Once done, click on Save.

How to Make a Wedding Planning Google Sheets Template for the Day’s Schedule

In this wedding planning sheet, we want to create the schedule to follow on the big day. Here are the things you need to do when creating free wedding planning templates:

  1. First, create the header. Do this by merging the cells and entering the text in them. You can also change the text’s size, font, and color here.
Wedding day schedule template for Google Sheets
  1. Enter the elements you wish to have in the spreadsheet. For this template, we added the activity’s start time, duration, and name. Feel free to change the formatting to make the cells look nice.
Add time formatting
  1. For the cells containing the times, make sure they are properly formatted. You can do this by clicking and selecting the cells and then clicking on Format. There, click on Number and then on Time.
  2. Now we will add a simple formula to calculate the next cell’s starting time. In this example, we used the following formula: =(Start Time)+(Duration)

Due to how we structured this wedding planner template, you won’t have to enter the start time again and again. Enter it once in the green box and then add the duration of each event. The start time for the next event should calculate automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Estimate a Wedding?

Estimating your wedding budget is very important. This is because you never know how much extra money you might spend on something unnecessary. Out of 100% of your wedding budget, this is how you should be spending your money; the venue should be 40% of your budget, along with catering. The photography should be 15%, wedding attire and makeup 5%, music band or entertainment 10%, flowers and gifts around 12%, transportation from the house to the ceremony venue and then to the reception around 3%, stationary 3%, and the cake and the decoration should be around 12% of your budget.

How Do I Make a Wedding Budget in Google Sheets?

To make a wedding budget spreadsheet, you must add the expense categories. This includes the venue, food, decorations, photographers, and other expenses. Then you can also add your suggested budget. Then you can add the amount of money you have spent on the expenses. Using simple formulas, Google Sheets can adjust the original budget to tell you if you are under or over the suggested budget. You can use a wedding budget spreadsheet for Google Sheets as a template.

Wrapping Up the Wedding Planner Guide

Make sure you take a look at all of our templates to help you get cracking on with your wedding planning. Remember that you can easily combine them into one wedding planning spreadsheet if you wish.

Do you want to lose a little weight for the wedding too? Check out our meal planning template and our weight loss template.


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