How to Make Google Slides Vertical in Under 2 Minutes

This guide will show you how to make Google Slides vertical, which in a nutshell is to use a custom page setup size from the Page setup menu. If you’d like a step-by-step guide yo doing this, read on to learn more.

Why Use Vertical Slides?

Similar to Google Docs, you can use multiple vertical layouts in Google Slides. The possibilities for creating a custom vertical layout are almost infinite, as you can select the height and width of the slide on your own. Related: How to Add Audio to Google Slides

Using vertical slides in Google Sheets can be beneficial if you wish to print them in the future, as you can use the standard A4 size and print the slides whenever you need them.

The world has slowly started shifting to work-from-home culture, which means many people attend presentations on a call rather than in person. Using vertical slides can be beneficial for people using split view in windows as they can have the presentation pinned to one side of the screen while they can take notes or work in another window pinned to the other side.

How to Make a Google Slide Vertical on Desktop

Here is how to make a slide vertical in Google Slides on the desktop version:

  1. Open an existing presentation or start one from scratch by clicking the plus icon on the main Google Slides page. This will open the presentation interface.
Got to file page setup
  1. Here, click the File button towards the top of the screen, which will open a dropdown menu.
  2. Click on the Page setup option here. This will open a small window in the middle of the screen.
Change the page setup
  1. Click on the main option there. This is selected to Widescreen 16:9 by default. A smaller dropdown menu will open, allowing you to choose some standard page setups.
Use custom values
  1. Here, select the Custom option, which will enable you to choose your desired size. This will add additional text boxes for selecting screen sizes.
How to make google slides vertical
  1. The option towards the right allows you to select the Units. This option can be Inches, Centimeters, Points, or Pixels.
Custom values
  1. The first option from the left is to select the Width, and the one to the right is to choose the Height. Input your custom height and width here. By default, the width is 10, and the height is 5.62 inches. Swap these two numbers to rotate the slide vertically. Or change them to whatever you’d like.
  2. Click on the yellow Apply button to save the changes.

Showing data visually in your slides can take your presentations to the next level. Reading our guide, you can learn how to insert Google Sheets into Google Slides.

Sizes for Vertical Slides

Here is a table of proportions you can use when following the steps on how to change Google Slide to portrait:

Type Pixels (width x height) Centimeters Inches
Video, Projector, Screen (9:16) 1080 x 1920 px 14.29 x 25.4 cm 5.63 x 10 in
Video, Projector, Screen (10:16) 1200 x 1920 px 15.88 x 25.4 cm 6.25 x 10 in
Older Projections and Screens (3:4) 768 x 1024 px 19.05 x 25.4 cm 7.5 x 10 in
Printing (A4 vertical) 1357 x 1920 px 21.0 x 29.7 cm 8.27 x 11.69 in

If you’d like to use any other custom sizes, you may want to consider using a unit converter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Google Slides Vertical?

Google Slides allows you to select the orientation in its page setup settings. Although slides don’t have preset options to allow you to select the vertical orientation, you can add a custom one. You can select whether you wish to input the page size in Inches, Centimeters, Points, or Pixels.

How Do I Make My Slides Automatically Flip?

Google Slides will not rotate the slides automatically. You can select one orientation when editing the presentation. You can do this by going into the page setup settings of the slides and choosing the desired orientation there. If you don’t see the option you wish to have, choose the custom option and select your desired page size.

Can You Mix Portrait and Landscape Slides in Google Slides?

Google Slides doesn’t allow you to have landscape and vertical slides in one presentation. You can choose the orientation of your presentation on the main page setup screen. As an alternate, you can use a square layout if you have elements that need to be displayed in vertical as well as horizontal orientation.

Wrapping Up How to Make Google Slides Vertical

By reading the above, you should now know how to make Google Slides vertical. We’d recommend using the table we provided to get appropriate measurements for your slides.


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