Get a Free Google Slides Poster Template [3 Styles]

Although you can make crazy good posters with apps like Canva and Photoshop, the best inclusions are behind a paywall. Instead, you can make a Google Slides poster template. You can also just download a ready-to-go template from this article. Read on to find which is right for you.

How to Make a Poster Presentation Template in Google Slides

Creating a poster in Slides is relatively easy if you know your way around Google Slides. Here is how to create a poster template in Google Slides:

  1. Go to to create a new presentation.
Navigate to File >Page setup
  1. Choose the page layout. You can do this by clicking on File in the main toolbar and then on Page Setup in the drop-down menu.
Select the page setup options
  1. Here, you can choose some standard page setups like Standard 4:3, Widescreen 16:9, and Widescreen 16:10. Alternatively, you can choose the Custom layout and add your desired page layout. You can also create vertical slides here by specifying the page size.
Add a text box
  1. After the page setup, you can start adding the text to the template. To do this, click the Textbox option in the main toolbar. Now, click and drag your cursor across the empty space. Once you let go of the cursor, the text box will be added where you can add the text.
Select shapes
  1. You can use the built-in shapes in Google Slides to create your own designs. To insert a shape, click on Insert in the top bar and then on Shape. Here, click on the type of shape you wish to add and then the shape.
Insert images
  1. You can also add our own images to the poster template. To do this, click on Insert in the main bar and then on Image. In the pop-out menu, you can select the source of the image.

You can also use the scribble feature in Slides to add your own drawings. You can learn more about how to draw in Google Slides from the linked article.

Free Downloadable Poster Template for Google Slides

Google Slides Flyer Template

Google Slides Poster Template 1

Access Template

This first poster template for Google Slides is based on some of the generally used advertisement templates. Flyers are printed advertisements designed to be distributed or placed in public areas like notice boards and walls or given as handouts. Flyers generally have a lot of eye-catching visuals with a bit of important text.

We have already added pointers for the text in the template, so when you make a copy, add the Company and Product name towards the top and some relevant details about the product in the two bubbles below. Finally, you can add the contact details in the bottom section, where you can add the various elements like the Website, Phone, and Address.

You can also add an image of the product toward the middle of the screen. The template has a simple yet eye-catching design that will gain viewers’ attention.

Business Google Poster Template

Google Slides Poster Template 2

Access Template

This Google Slides poster template is best suited for promoting an upcoming meeting or conference. The template features a minimal and clear layout with a modern look.

The poster is divided into three sections. The first section allows you to add the logo for the company hosting the meeting and the conference title. The second section has space for the title of the meeting and a brief description of the event. Lastly, you can add details about the speakers at the event. If the event doesn’t have a specified speaker list, you can add the meeting agenda or any relevant location details.

The background image is also replaceable, so feel free to change it to one matching the event’s theme. To do this, right-click on the image and click on the Replace image option in the drop-down menu. To add a locally stored file on your computer, click the Upload from computer option.

Academic Poster Template Google Slides

Google Slides Poster Template 3

Access Template

This research poster template for Google Slides is great for use if you want to present any academic projects or research findings. The template features a very clean and organized layout with plenty of space to add relevant data. The template has a simple, dark color scheme that is easy on the eyes and makes the content stand out.

The template is fully customizable, so you can easily add and remove certain headings or add images, charts, and graphs, which will help you convey your research findings more easily. The template essentially has three sections. The top allows you to add the title or the scientific poster template for Google Slides and any authors and affiliations.

The main part of the Google informational poster template has space to add the introduction, methodology, and results. The third part of this template has space to add the analysis part of the research. This can be in the form of images, charts, or graphs which can be created in Google Sheets. You can also use hanging indents in Google Slides to provide a more organized layout for the text.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Change the Poster Size in Google Slides?

You can change the poster template size by changing the page setup. To do this, click on File in the main bar and then on Page Setup. Select from some standard landscape layouts or add a Custom one here.

Does Google Slides Have a Poster Template?

The main focus of Google Slides is to create presentations, meaning it doesn’t have a specific poster template. However, you can repurpose some of the pre-built templates to create a poster or use a pre-made third-party poster template like the ones in this article.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you managed to pick out the perfect Google Sheets poster template from our list or can use the above guide to create your own from scratch. If you found our templates useful, you will love our premium templates. Make sure to use the code SSP to save 50% on any purchases you make through our Gumroad store.

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