6 Best Black History Month Google Slides Templates

Black History Month is a time to honor the rich heritage and celebrate the significant contributions of African Americans. One impactful way to do this is by creating well-crafted presentations that highlight the importance of Black history, showcase achievements, and raise awareness of systemic issues still occurring today.

In this article, we’ve curated a collection of the best Black History Month Google Slides templates to help you create presentations easily and consistently. These templates will provide you with a professional and engaging design that effectively conveys the significance of Black history.

When Is Black History Month Celebrated?

Every February, the United States commemorates Black History Month, a time dedicated to reflecting on the significant contributions of African Americans to the nation’s history and culture. It serves as an opportunity to raise awareness about the challenges they have faced throughout history.

While February is the customary month for observing Black History Month in the US and Canada (through the first week of March), it’s important to note that the dates may vary in other countries. For example, the UK observes Black History Month in October.

Black History Month Google Slides Templates to Download

You don’t need graphic design skills to create a captivating Google Slides presentation with a Black History Month theme. You can easily craft engaging presentations with ready-to-edit templates:

1. Minimalist African American Google Slides Template

Black History Month Google Slides template—minimalist African American template


When making a Black History Month presentation, you want to ensure that every part of your content is clearly expressed. This includes the historical events in the history of African Americans, as well as the influential leaders that fought for civil rights.

This minimalist Black History template for Google Slides provides a clean, focused presentation format — perfect for emphasizing key facts.

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2. Inspirational Black History Month Presentation Template

Inspirational Black History Month Presentation Template


This option might be perfect for an inspirational template that incorporates the words of prominent Black leaders and activists. The featured quotes from Langston Hughes and Martin Luther King Jr. are displayed in large and impactful typography.

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3. Editable Black History Google Slides Theme

Editable Black History Google Slides Theme


This template is a great way to showcase your participation in Black History Month — and incorporate the rich undertones of African American culture. Featuring bold and vibrant colors inspired by African art, you’ll add an engaging and visually appealing touch to your presentations.

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4. Malcolm X Biography Google Slides Template

Malcolm X Biography Google Slides Template


A significant figure in Black history — Malcolm X was a prominent civil rights activist, minister, and author who passionately fought against racism and discrimination. If you want to commemorate his remarkable achievements and highlight his life’s contributions, this template provides a visually appealing and informative presentation.

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5. Black History Google Slides Template

Black History Google Slides Template


If you’re looking to create a comprehensive Google Slides presentation that delves into the rich history of the Black community, this template is an excellent choice. It offers dedicated sections to outline the timeline of significant events in Black history, highlight influential individuals’ work, and showcase notable achievements over the years.

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6. Google Slides Template About Martin Luther King

Google Slides Template About Martin Luther King


One of the most influential figures in Black history, Martin Luther King Jr., is credited for his nonviolent activism. This played an obvious and pivotal role in fighting institutional segregation and discrimination in the United States. Commemorating his legacy during Black History Month is a powerful way to honor his contributions.

This Martin Luther King Lesson Google Slides template offers a comprehensive framework for creating a meaningful presentation. Incorporate key aspects of King’s life, his impactful speeches, and his enduring message of equality and justice.

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Benefits of Using Black History Slides Template

Using these templates not only saves time and effort but also encourages visually engaging presentations (even without advanced graphic design skills).

1. Ensures Consistency in Design

The templates provide a cohesive and professional look to your entire presentation, ensuring that each slide follows a unified design theme.

2. Accurately Represents the Theme

The templates incorporate elements and colors that reflect the cultural theme of African Americans, allowing you to present your content in a visually authentic and meaningful way.

3. Enhances Visual Appeal

The templates offer a variety of predesigned layouts, enabling you to present your content in different ways. Whether you need to showcase historical events, influential figures, timelines, or achievements, the templates provide suitable layouts that enhance your presentation’s visual appeal and organization.

When to Use Black History Month Slides Templates

You can utilize these handy templates for Black History Month in various contexts and settings:

1. School Presentations

Whether for a class presentation or a student project, these templates can help create visually engaging presentations related to Black History Month. With these templates, you can ensure that your slides help keep your audience focused.

2. Workplace Presentations

In the workplace, promoting DEI initiatives is an incredibly important element. By using these templates during Black History Month, you can demonstrate support and create presentations that highlight the importance of celebrating — and honoring — Black history.

3. Community Events

During Black History Month, nonprofit organizations often host events, such as seminars, workshops, and community discussions. These ready-to-edit Google Slides presentations can be a valuable tool for delivering impactful and informative content during these events, effectively conveying the significance of Black history to your community.

Final Thoughts

Celebrating the rich history of African Americans is a way to show respect for their culture and honor their invaluable contributions to the world. You can easily utilize the Black History Month Google Slides templates in this article to create impactful presentations.

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