7 Best Notion Training Courses to Take In 2024 [Free + Paid]

Just getting started with Notion? Looking to improve your skills with advanced features? Whatever the reason, taking Notion training courses is a great idea! In this post, we discuss our favorite Notion tutorials of 2024 and what to keep in mind when choosing a course to enroll in.

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The 7 Best Notion Training Courses

Notion is an exceedingly feature-rich platform with seemingly endless options. Users who create a new account are greeted with a blank workspace without much direction. It’s up to them to add specific blocks and customize their preferred layout. Without limitations and a relatively steep learning curve, it can feel a bit overwhelming to get started.

To help you get a handle on Notion basics, we’ve researched the five best training courses of 2024.

1. Notion A-to-Z by William Nutt

Notion A-to-Z website screenshot


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Platform Notion VIP
Level For all
Cost Paid — $
Length Continuous

Key Features

  • Includes the Bulletproof Workspace.
  • Continuously updated learning resources as the Notion platform improves over time.
  • Lessons cover the basics (e.g., blocks, pages, workspaces) and advanced features like API integrations, databases, and third-party resources.

Currently, we believe that Notion A-to-Z is the best course, thanks to its competitive topic set and affordable pricing. Because it’s constantly updated, Notion A-to-Z is different from typical online courses. It contains a wide collection of readings, practical activities, and graphical demonstrations.

This course tackles everything from Notion basics (e.g., blocks, pages, workspaces, sharing, etc.) to advanced features like API-powered integrations, third-party software, and strategic planning.

While you won’t directly receive a certification after this course, it does help you prepare for one. For example, you can learn everything that’s needed to become Notion Certified.

About the Instructor

Notion A-to-Z was spearheaded by William Nutt, a longtime partner of Notion (and one of the authors and officers of the platform’s certifications). He’s also responsible for training the platform’s support team. He primarily created the resources you’ll find in Notion A-to-Z.

Here, he explains various interactive concepts with recorded visual demonstrations. Nutt also validates learning through various quizzes, readings, and practical exercises published in this course.

2. Your Notion Beginner’s Guide: Quick Start by Francesco D’Alessio

Notion Beginner’s Guide Quick Start course screenshot


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Platform Skillshare
Level Beginner
Cost Depends on the Skillshare subscription
Length 24 lessons with a total of approximately 4 hours

Key Features

  • Related resources can be found on the Keep Productive YouTube channel.
  • Details the signup process and setting up your first Notion database layout.
  • Explains the shortcomings of Notion.

If you’re a Notion newbie, this tutorial by Francesco D’Alessio is one of the best options to get started. It covers a complete intro to Notion, including:

  • Making a new account on the platform
  • Creating pages for both personal and professional use
  • Utilizing certain advanced Notion features
  • Developing a dashboard from start to finish
  • Outlining how famous personalities (like Kylie Stewart and David Pierce) use the software

The best thing about this course is that it establishes Notion’s limitations while you’re in the beginner phase. D’Alessio goes into six crucial flaws that Notion currently has.

About the Instructor

Francesco D’Alessio hosts the “Keep Productive” channel on YouTube. This channel covers Notion as well as productivity software like Evernote and ClickUp. D’Alessio has hosted around 1,400 videos, and his channel has more than 300k followers.

3. Master Notion – Beginner to Advanced by Jerad Hill

Master Notion - Beginner to Advanced screenshot


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Platform Udemy
Level Beginner to Intermediate
Cost Paid — $
Length 34 lectures (2h 9m in total)

Key Features

  • Lectures on creating databases, designing pages, and making dashboards
  • Videos on using Notion connections and creating task managers
  • Comes with a completion certificate

If you’re looking to get started with Notion but also to explore some of its mid-level features, this course is perfect for you. Aside from creating basic pages and sections on the platform, you will also learn how to use relational databases and how to create project managers.

Instructor Jerad Hill also discusses a couple of useful Notion templates he made himself in this course. These templates make the training worth taking if you’re a complete beginner.

Udemy categorizes this Notion training as a recommended course by top companies like Nasdaq, Volkswagen, Box, and more.

About the Instructor

Jerad Hill is a photographer, online marketer, and web designer. He has had 418K+ students on Udemy already. As of writing, he has created and published 15 courses on photography, WordPress, Facebook Business pages, and more.

4. Notion Mastery by Marie Poulin

Notion Mastery website screenshot


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Platform Notion Mastery
Level For all
Cost Paid — $$$
Length Depends on individual speed

Key Features

  • Offers videos and articles created by certified Notion professionals.
  • Free and paid Notion templates are available for download.
  • Provides learners with live support during office hours.

If you’re willing to invest time and money, Marie Poulin’s Notion Mastery course is a solid option. Admittedly, while this is priced higher than most courses, it provides one of the most comprehensive resources for learning Notion anywhere.

Like other classes, Poulin takes you from the basics to the more advanced features of the platform through a combination of videos, texts, images, and other database elements. Moreover, all of these training materials are provided using Notion itself.

About the Instructor

Marie Poulin is a certified Notion consultant. The founder and CEO of the platform have even recommended her.

5. Life Planning and Getting Things Done with Notion by Haoming Yau

Life Planning and Getting Things Done with Notion course screenshot


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Platform Udemy
Level Beginner to Intermediate
Cost Paid — $
Length 34 lectures (2h 30m in total)

Key Features

  • Comes with a completion certificate
  • Discusses Notion databases in-depth
  • Teaches how to develop a whole productivity system, including task managers, notes system, meal planners, and more

This course on Notion covers more advanced topics like databases and the mass updating of data. Contrary to using the platform for professional purposes, this course also discusses how to use Notion for your personal daily life.

It will also teach you how to apply productivity best practices like Getting Things Done by David Allen to set up your Notion workspace. It also comes with several templates to track your tasks, projects, notes, reading lists, and CRM.

About the Instructor

Aside from being a Notion expert, Haoming Yau is also an x9 certified Salesforce consultant. He also founded Social Sports Mix in London. Haoming currently has three courses about Salesforce and Notion published on Udemy.

6. Notion 101: Organize Your Personal & Work Life by Janosch Herrmann

Notion 101: Organize Your Personal & Work Life course screenshot


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Platform Skillshare
Level Beginner to Intermediate
Cost Depends on your Skillshare subscription
Length 45 lessons (just under 5 hours)

Key Features

  • Covers the basics of using Notion, including blocks, databases, formulas, etc.
  • Discusses advanced functionalities like automation and website creation using Super and Notion.
  • Involves practical applications, like creating customer relationship management spaces, notes databases, and more.

If you’re looking for a condensed yet complete introduction, this Notion guide by Janosch Herman is a great choice. While it only lasts about five hours, this course extensively explores the essential features of Notion while tackling a few advanced platform functionalities.

Herman goes into the details of Notion databases, especially creating a CRM database. He also discusses automating a few common processes in your workspace and creating a Notion website with Super.

About the Instructor

Janosch Herman is a certified teacher at Skillshare and a computer science student in Berlin, Germany. Aside from Notion tutorials, he has also produced courses for other platforms, like Todoist, Zapier, Elementor, and more.

7. Thomas Frank Explains on YouTube

Thomas Frank Explains on YouTube screenshot


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Platform YouTube
Level Beginner to Advanced
Cost Free
Length *41 videos of varying durations

*There are 41 videos on the channel as of writing.

Key Features

  • Up-to-date tutorials about the new Notion features (e.g., Notion AI, button feature).
  • Discusses basics like blocks, databases, templates, pages, and more.
  • Tips and tricks include creating pages like dashboards, habit trackers, task managers, etc.

If paying for a training course isn’t within your current budget, “Thomas Frank Explains” is an excellent YouTube channel to check out.

What’s really great about this free Notion course is that these videos are grouped according to their difficulty. Browse through the channel’s playlists to access their basic and advanced video tutorials. Thomas Frank also includes Notion guides on creating task managers, habit trackers, and similar helpful examples on the platform.

About the Instructor

Thomas Frank is primarily a blog writer and video content creator. He started his YouTube channel back in 2022, which currently has a following of 145,000 subscribers.

Things to Consider When Searching for the Best Notion Courses

We have already listed some of the best online Notion courses that you can find in this article. But there are still a ton of other classes and resources waiting to be discovered on the web. When choosing a Notion course, consider the following elements:

Course Content

Look for a course that tackles the specific features and functions you hope to learn. For example, you can settle on introductory Notion courses when you’re just starting out. If you’ve already had some experience using the platform, browsing more advanced courses (like Marie Poulin’s Notion Mastery) might be more suitable.


If you’re going to access paid training, you’ll need to find an instructor with a strong grasp of Notion who can teach clearly. Before paying for a Notion course, check their videos to determine whether their teaching style resonates with you.

Course Format

Some courses are only offered in pure text-based formats, alongside a few supplementary graphics. Other training classes may also provide video tutorials, live webinars, and even professional support. Choose one that aligns with your learning style.

Time Commitment

If you’ve got work or personal commitments while taking the course of your choice, it’s essential to determine how long the course lasts (some take several weeks to finish, depending on the difficulty). A handful of training classes come with pre-recorded lessons you can take at your preferred speed.

Before You Go…

While these Notion training options are some of the best courses, a world of tutorials is at your fingertips! Check out Udemy’s best Notion courses to discover more options.

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