How to Embed Google Calendar In Notion

Switching tabs between your Notion workspace and Google Calendar isn’t efficient (unless you have two monitors to display both). So instead, what you want to do is keep them on a single page or platform — to embed Google Calendar in Notion.

On the Google Calendar website, go to “Settings” > “Settings for my calendars.” Select the calendar you want to integrate, then enable its public access. Next, scroll down to the “Integrate calendar” section and copy the calendar’s public URL. Embed this in Notion using the “/embed” prompt.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into how you can enable Notion and Google Calendar integration. We’ll also inform you about the limitations and downsides of embedding Google Calendars on the platform.

Using the Built-in “Embed” Feature in Notion

Notion comes with a native feature that allows you to embed various kinds of content into your workspace. In addition to embedding Google Calendar links, you can also use it to display video content, PDFs, Figma models, and others. Follow these steps to use the built-in “Embed” feature in Notion.

Step 1: Getting Your Google Calendar Embed URL

  1. Go to in a new tab.
  2. Locate and click “Settings menu” (denoted by a gear icon) at the top-right corner of your screen.
  3. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
Embed Google Calendar in Notion—Google Calendar settings


  1. Scroll down on the sidebar at the left to find the “Settings for my calendars” section.
  2. Click on the calendar that you want to embed in Notion.
  3. From the expanded menu, select “Access permissions for events.”
Changing access permissions to Google Calendar


  1. Tick the checkbox that says “Make available to public.”
Making a Google Calendar available to public


  1. Click “OK” in the warning dialog box that appears.
Confirming choice to make calendar public


  1. On the left sidebar, choose “Integrate calendar.”
  2. Copy the link under the “Public URL to this calendar” field.
Copying the public URL to a Google Calendar

Step 2: Creating a Google Calendar Embed in Notion

  1. Open a Notion page.
  2. Type “/embed,” then press the “Enter” or “Return” key on your keyboard.
Using the "embed" feature on Notion


  1. Paste the URL that you’ve copied in the provided field.
  2. Click on the “Embed link” button once done.
Pasting the embed link in Notion


  1. Hold and drag the grips present on the edges of your calendar to adjust its size.
Resizing a Google Calendar in Notion

How to Link Google Calendar to Notion with Indify

Indify is a platform that supports the creation of various widgets you can use in Notion. Besides Google Calendar widgets, you can also make a few for daily quotes, weather information, and more. You can also use Indify to customize the design of your Google Calendar embeds.

To link your Google Calendar to Notion with Indify, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Go to on your browser, then sign up using your Google account.
Homepage of Indify, a Notion widget maker


  1. Once officially signed in, find and click on the widget option for Google Calendar.
Creating a Google Calendar widget on Indify for Notion


  1. Add a name for the widget, then click on the “Continue” button.
Renaming a Google calendar widget on Indify for Notion


  1. In the widget configuration settings, log in to your Google Account to make your calendars available.
Logging in to Google account via Indify


  1. Start personalizing your Indify calendar widget.
  2. Copy the embed URL provided on the bottom-left corner of the Indify interface.
Copying the embed URL for Indify Google Calendar widget for Notion


  1. Go to Notion, then open a page.
  2. Type “/embed” and click on “Embed.”
Using the embed feature on Notion


  1. Paste the URL you copied into the given field, then click the “Embed link” button.
Pasting the Indify embed link on Notion

How to Add Google Calendar to Notion Using Plus

Plus is another tool you can use to take a photo of your screen. The only difference is that you can embed the screenshots you took with it in Notion. It’s primarily available for free, but it also offers paid versions with more advanced functionalities.

Here’s how you can add Google Calendar to Notion using Plus.

Step 1: Set up Plus on Your Computer

  1. Get the Chrome extension for Plus, then follow the installation steps required.
Installing the "Plus" chrome extension


  1. The first time you use the extension, you’ll be redirected to a sign-up page.
  2. Click on “Continue with Google” to proceed.
Logging in to "Plus"

Step 2: Create a Screenshot of Your Google Calendar

  1. Find the icon for the Plus extension at the top-right of your browser.
  2. Click on it, then click on the “Take Snapshot” button.
"Take Snapshot" button on "Plus"


  1. Select the area that covers the monthly view of your calendar.
Selecting a snapshot area on "Plus"

Step 3: See Your Calendar in Notion

  1. Copy the URL generated for your calendar screenshot.
Copying the link to "Plus" snapshot


  1. Go to Notion and open a page.
  2. Paste the URL that you copied.
  3. Click on “Paste as preview.”
Pasting a URL in Notion as a preview

Downsides of Google Calendar Embeds in Notion

While using Google Calendar embeds in Notion can be a convenient way to view your calendar alongside your other Notion content, it has some downsides. Here are some of the potential drawbacks to using this feature:

1. Editing Is Disabled

No available method on Notion allows you to modify your Google Calendar. Instead, the embed only acts as another screen where you can view your important dates. Simply put, every change you need to make must be done on the Google Calendar website or mobile app.

This won’t be a huge problem if your goal is to only get a view of your commitments throughout the month or week. It might also be great when you’re sharing the calendar with other people but don’t want accidental changes to it. However, it can be arduous and annoying to keep going from tab to tab just to adjust your calendar.

2. Delays in Syncing Changes

You need to restart or refresh your current page if you want to sync Notion with Google Calendar. The changes can happen in real-time, but you won’t necessarily be able to see them in Notion right away.

If you’re okay with refreshing your Notion page every now and then, this situation shouldn’t bother you much. But if you need to track any changes to your calendar, embedding it in Notion might be unsuitable.

3. Requires Your Google Calendar to Be Public

We’ve discussed this in the first method: You first need to make your calendar accessible to the public. This allows you to embed it freely in Notion without experiencing viewing access errors and similar prompts.

By making your calendar public, you are putting your private calendar information at risk of invasion. People online can view the contents of your calendar either through its public URL or using Google Search.

4. Outdated Calendar Appearance

If you pay attention to aesthetics, you might be turned off by the outdated appearance of your embedded Google Calendar. It’s designed as if it’s part of a 1990s computer interface, which creates a stark contrast with the modern minimalistic theme of Notion.

You can still customize the appearance of your calendar, though. To do this, just use one of the third-party apps we’ve discussed above — Indify.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Resize a Google Calendar in Notion?

To resize a Google Calendar in Notion, simply click, hold, and drag the grips on its edges. These “grips” are dark-colored lines that appear when you hover your cursor over the embedded calendar.

How Do I Find My Google Calendar URL?

Click on the gear icon at the home interface of Google Calendar. Next, scroll down to “Settings for my calendars,” then click on the specific one that you want a URL for. Finally, simply scroll down to the “Integrate calendar” section to see your Google Calendar URL.

What Can You Embed in Notion?

Besides Google Calendars, you can embed almost any kind of content with an available URL. Some examples include online spreadsheets, PDFs, video players, Loom files, and many others.

Final Thoughts

Embedding Google Calendar in Notion can be useful, but it’s essential to consider the downsides, such as limited customization and slow loading times. Whether or not to use this feature depends on your needs and preferences. Regardless, integrating your calendar into Notion can help you stay organized and achieve greater productivity.

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