10 Best Google Slides Templates in 2023

In this article, we have carefully selected some of the best Google Slides templates you can access in 2023. It can be challenging to create an impactful presentation, particularly in corporate and academic settings. However, with these editable templates, you can overcome the skill gap and create stunning presentations.

Discover the top ten templates suitable for businesses, project managers, and educators below!

Best Google Slides Templates for Business

Do you have an upcoming presentation about your business’s status? Or perhaps you want to promote a future conference. Below are some good themes for Google Slides:

1. Fit-Gap Analysis Template

Best Google Slides templates—Preview of a fit-gap analysis template

Performing a fit-gap analysis is standard among businesses. It allows them to visualize the current standing of their companies in terms of achieving their desired future status. In this free fit-gap analysis template, you can:

  • Present the current state of your business, be it its financial health, products and services offered, or reputation
  • Discuss your desired or ideal outcome
  • Indicate the gaps between your company’s state now and in the future, along with strategies to overcome them

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2. Iceberg Model Template

Iceberg diagram with multiple titles and description placeholders

Another useful theme for Google Slides is the Iceberg Model Template. This template is particularly helpful when addressing business problems. By incorporating this diagram into your presentation, you can shed light on potential issues that may be hidden beneath the surface.

Achieve this using our iceberg model template for Google Slides. It features multiple layers you can use not only for problem-solving but also for establishing hierarchical and timeline relationships.

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3. Business Poster Template

Sample conference poster template for Google Slides

When organizing an upcoming event, such as a business conference, it is crucial to effectively promote the event details among the relevant audience. To assist you in this endeavor, we present the Business Poster Template for Google Slides.

With this template, you can conveniently customize three separate slide sections:

  • The first section lets you insert your company’s logo, name, and address.
  • The second section is dedicated to showcasing the event’s title and description.
  • The third section provides an opportunity to highlight the speakers and personalities who will be presenting at the conference.

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4. Ganymede

Ganymede—Dark-colored title slide in a presentation template

While business presentations tend to use formal themes, using a colorful presentation template can be a great option as well. When used effectively, colors can enhance the visual appeal, engagement, and overall impact of your presentation.

The Ganymede template from SlidesCarnival offers a vibrant and modern-looking style, featuring bold text for added visual impact. Whether you aim to make a lasting impression with your pitch deck or simply want to use colors that align with your brand, this template suits your needs.

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Best Slides Templates for Project Management

When it comes to project management, presentations are something that you do repeatedly over the project’s lifecycle. Whether you need a simple calendar template or a roadmap diagram, you might find the following useful:

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5. Calendar Template for 2023

Sample calendar with a notes section on the side

Dates are crucial to any effective project management plan. By setting specific dates over a project period, you can ensure you deliver what your clients need on schedule. Communicate these dates with your team by using this Google Slides calendar template.

Here’s what you can do in our template:

  • Insert markers and symbols on the provided monthly calendars
  • Add notes about important schedules
  • Track your project progress by highlighting particular cells in the calendars

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6. Roadmap Template

Roadmap diagram template with pink markers

Progress monitoring is a crucial step in project management. It allows teams to track milestones, illustrate challenges, and anticipate the next steps. When reporting these progress details to clients, using a roadmap template is an excellent option.

Using our template, you can indicate six key project achievements along a visualized timeline. These roadmap stops are pink by default but feel free to modify them to your preferences.

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7. Modern Google Slides Template

Green-and-white title slide in a presentation template

An effective project management report is characterized by its clarity, and the color scheme of your presentation slides plays a significant role in achieving that. With its clean, green-and-white theme, this modern Google Slides template is an excellent choice for presenting your project status updates.

In addition to the standard template content, this template also offers additional resources, such as a blank timeline chart, roadmap diagram, funnels, and more, allowing you to customize and enhance your presentation further.

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Best Free Google Slides Templates for Education

Ensuring that your lessons are engaging and captivating requires effective planning and the use of visually appealing presentation slides. To help you in this endeavor, here are three useful templates that are specifically designed for educational purposes:

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8. Lesson Plan Template

Blank lesson plan template in Google Slides

As an educator, you want to ensure you are prepared for all aspects of your lesson. This includes the learning objectives you want to set, books and resources to use, assessments, and lesson summaries. For such requirements, this lesson plan template might be what you need.

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9. Blackboard Google Slides Template

Presentation template illustrating a mockup blackboard with scattered stationery

With most classes being conducted online nowadays, it can be challenging to recreate the traditional classroom environment during virtual lessons. However, using a Google Slides blackboard template like this one can help bring back some of that nostalgic feeling.

By downloading this template, you can create your own virtual blackboard to use during video calls or add visual interest to your presentations. It provides a unique and engaging backdrop that captures the essence of a traditional classroom setting.

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10. Monster-Theme Google Slides Template for Kids

Orange-and-yellow title slide with a funny monster face graphic

If you’re tasked with teaching children, you know how challenging it can be to keep their attention during lessons. That’s why using a playful monster-themed Google Slides template can be a great way to engage and captivate them.

This template boasts a vibrant color palette that includes all the rainbow colors. It features eye-catching graphics and a fun matching font, creating a visually appealing and exciting learning environment for kids.

By incorporating this template into your presentations, you can make the learning experience more enjoyable and interactive for young learners.

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Why Use Google Slides Templates?

There are three key advantages to using Google Slides templates:

Design Consistency

These beautiful Google Slides templates already offer organized layout options. All you have to do is insert your content into the placeholders, do some tweaks to make them fit your needs, and you’re all set.

Besides this, templates also ensure that your theme remains consistent throughout your file. This makes your overall presentation more cohesive and professional-looking.

Accessibility and Collaboration

Since these templates are built on Google Slides, they are technically saved on the company’s online servers. You can access your presentation slides on virtually any gadget, including your computer and mobile device, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Google Slides also offers easy sharing options. For example, you can share your presentation either by sending an email or by generating a link to it. These options make collaboration easier for you and your team.

Saves Time and Effort

By using a Google Slides template, you can save a significant amount of time and effort. Instead of starting from scratch and adjusting images, diagrams, and text boxes, most of the hard work is already done for you.

While you may need to modify to meet your preferences, the template streamlines the design process, allowing you to focus more on the content. This saved time and effort can be utilized for practicing your delivery and fine-tuning your message.

Using Google Slides templates ultimately enhances efficiency, consistency, and accessibility in creating and sharing visually appealing and professional presentations.

Final Thoughts

Setting up a visually stunning presentation doesn’t have to be difficult, especially with the best Google Slides templates of 2023. Simply download one of the templates mentioned above, insert your content, and create an engaging presentation.

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