Aesthetic Google Slides Templates

This guide will provide you with three ready-to-use Aesthetic Google Slides templates to make your presentations stand out from your peers. Not only that, we’ll show you how to make your own Aesthetic Google Slides templates from scratch so you can create something completely unique.

Essentially, all you have to do is build a background on Canva and then decide on the setup for each slide.

Prefer a detailed, step-by-step guide? Read on to learn more.

How to Make an Aesthetic Google Slides Template

Creating an aesthetic requires doing two things. The first is creating the aesthetic backgrounds for Google Slides, and the second is creating the template design.

You can create cute backgrounds for google slides in multiple ways. We recommend using the free graphic design platform Canva to do this. Here is how to do this:

  1. Open your web browser and head to
Click on create Design
  1. Click the Create a Design button towards the top right and select Custom size. If you’re using the default presentation size in Google Slides, then choose a 16:9 resolution. We suggest using a 1920 Width and 1080 Height. After adding the dimensions, Click on Create new design. This will open the editor window in a new tab.
Click the white box
  1. Here, the first thing you should do is choose the image’s background color. To do this, click on the blank white canvas and click on the Background color button in the main toolbar. This will open a color picker towards the left side of the screen.
Search the elements you want to add
  1. After selecting the background color, you can add elements to the background image for your pretty presentation template. To do this, click on the Elements button in the sidebar towards the left part of the screen. This will show some of the commonly used elements and your recently used ones. You can also search for the elements in the search bar. Use these elements to create pretty backgrounds for google slides.
Download the design
  1. To download the image, click the Share button towards the top right part of the screen. Now, click Download in the dropdown menu and select the options for the download.

Alternatively, you can use Google’s scribble tool to draw shapes directly into Slides. You can learn how to draw on slides in two minutes from our linked article.

You can create multiple images for your slides by repeating the previous steps. With the images downloaded and saved onto your local storage, we can now look at how to create aesthetic slideshow themes in Slides:

Open a blank slideshow
  1. Open Google Slides on your web browser and log into your Google account. On the main screen, click on Blank to create a new template. This will open the spreadsheet creator window in a new tab.
resize the image
  1. In the slide creation window, you can add the images. To do this, click and drag the image from the local folder on your computer to the slide. The image won’t fill up the entire background after it is pasted. You can drag the edges of the image after it’s selected to resize it. You can also click and drag the image to reposition it.
Send the image to the back
  1. To ensure the image is in the background of the cute theme for google slides, click on the image to select it and then right-click it. Here, click on Order in the dropdown menu and then click on Send to back.
Change the slide setup
  1. Now, you can add other elements to the template. You can add Textboxes, Images, Shapes, and others from the main toolbar.

Learning how to do a hanging indent in slides can be a huge visual improvement to your slides. Learn more on how to do a hanging indent in Slides by following our guide.

Best Aesthetic Google Slides Templates for 2023

Creating your own cute slideshow themes can be a very fun but time-consuming experience. These templates can also be used in Microsoft PowerPoint. Learn more on how to convert Slides to PowerPoint from our linked guide.

There are several benefits to using our Google Slides templates. Using our templates will help you save time as the templates are predesigned with aesthetic backgrounds and space for text. The designs featured in our templates are cohesive and consistent that maintain a consistent visual style. These templates are also customizable, so you can easily change the templates to match your company’s branding. Here are a few pretty slides templates to provide an aesthetic feel to your presentations.

Serene Aesthetic Slides Template

aesthetic google slides templates 1

Access Template

If you’re a fan of aesthetic templates that are minimal and unique, then this Slides template is perfect for you. The design features minimal design elements as well as clean, easy-to-read typography. Visual clarity will help you quickly organize and present the information in your slides in a logical way. The template features some distinct backgrounds that can be customized easily by creating duplicates of the slides. To create a duplicate, right-click on the slide in the left sidebar, and click on Duplicate slide button. There, you can add text boxes or images from the main toolbar.

Elegant Aesthetic Slides Template

aesthetic google slides templates 2

Access Template

This Google Slides aesthetic template is sophisticated and much more visually striking when compared to the default templates that Google provides. The template has slides suited to all types of layouts you wish to create in your presentation. The cute slideshow background features an outline of flowers with a washed-out but refined color palette. The typography is elegant and is bound to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Although this template is better suited for use in a creative setting, you can still utilize it in corporate and academic settings.

Pastel Gradient Aesthetic Slides Template

aesthetic google slides templates 3

Access Template

If you wish to use a slideshow template that isn’t too over the top but grabs the viewer’s attention, then this template is great for you. The template features vibrant colors designed to infuse your presentations with vigor. The template features minimal backgrounds with bold contrasts that will surely be a visually stunning backdrop for your presentation. This template is great for use in creative as well as academic and office settings. If you don’t wish to use a certain slide, then you can simply hide or delete it. You can learn more about how to hide a slide in Google Slides from our linked article.

Top Aesthetic Presentation Design Trends for 2023

Design trends can change frequently, so keeping up to date with modern trends can make your slides look more appealing and engaging for the viewer. Here are some of the top aesthetic design trends for creating presentations in 2023:

  1. Abstract Geometry: Using geometric and abstract shapes to create backgrounds and dividers, and other visual elements in the presentation. You can use abstract shapes to add a modern artistic touch to your slides.
  2. Custom Illustrations: Using custom icons and illustrations in your presentation can add a unique touch to your slides and make them look high quality. This will help make the content more engaging, as everything in your slides will be new for your viewers
  3. Vibrant Colors: Although they were out of fashion before, vibrant flat colors have started coming back. Using contrasting bold colors can help create visual interest and make your presentation more memorable.
  4. Minimalism: Minimalist design continues to gain popularity. Use a clean layout, plenty of empty space, and simple fonts. This trend emphasizes clarity, and it allows the content in your slides to stand out.
  5. Gradients: You can add depth and visual interest to your Google slides using gradients and dual tones. These can be applied to the backgrounds, elements, or text in the presentation to give it a contemporary look.

Wrapping Up

Using the above guide, you now have everything you need to customize one of our existing aesthetic Google Slides templates to your liking or even build one from scratch. If you found this article (and the templates within) helpful, the you will love our premium templates. Check them out by following the link below.

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