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Free Net Worth Spreadsheet [Fill it Out in Under 15 Minutes]


Want to keep track of your financial situation but don’t know how to do that? Net worth spreadsheets are the right solution for you. In this article, I will provide the steps you need to follow to create a simple net worth tracking spreadsheet in Google Sheets and a net worth spreadsheet template for you in the future.

Maintaining this net worth tracker spreadsheet will give you a high-level look into your financial progress. But let’s first understand what net worth means and why it is important to track it.

What is Net Worth?

Net worth is just like a financial report card. Your net worth is a single number that shows you the value of everything you own minus everything you owe.

In short, it is a high-level overview of your financial situation.

Net worth is calculated by subtracting total liabilities from total assets. These assets include everything you own such as cash, automobiles, real estate, investments, etc. Liabilities include everything you owe such as car loans, student loans, mortgages, etc. You can create a net worth spreadsheet in Google Sheets that can account for each of these parameters.

Further in this article, I will not only detail how to create one but also provide you with a free net worth statement template you can use with ease.

The Net Worth Figure

A net worth figure can tell you many things. For example, if the figure is positive, it means you own more than you owe which is a good thing. However, if the figure is negative, you owe more than you own.

In other words, it shows whether your liabilities are greater than your current assets.

There are various ways to interpret a negative figure and what it implies, but the basic idea remains the same. The net worth figure is less important than the net worth trend in the context of creating a spreadsheet. The most important trend to notice while tracking your net worth is to see if it is going up or down.

Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Net Worth Spreadsheet (Free Net Worth Template)

You can follow these steps and create a simple net worth spreadsheet for yourself in no time!

NOTE: what usually goes in the spreadsheet depends upon your requirements. You can add as many categories as per your requirements. Your requirements will also vary on the nature of your activities.

So let’s begin.

STEP 1: Open Google Sheets.

STEP 2: You can start by naming the column month-wise so you can track the figures of your liabilities and assets every month.


STEP 3: Add the list of items under liabilities and assets. Needless to say that the accounts added in this tutorial are just used for the sake of an example. This step will vary according to your requirements. Create a legend to track the headers in which you will list your items.


STEP 4: Now fill in the list of items per your requirements.


STEP 5: For your convenience, add a summation formula in the total cells. This will automatically calculate the values for you. To add the formula select a cell in the total row. In the formula bar, type =SUM(B8:B10), then press Enter. Now extend this formula to the entire row. Select the cell, right-click and select copy, then select all the cells you want to extend the formula to and right-click. Then, select the option Paste Special and then select Conditional formatting only. The formula will be copied into the entire selected cells.


STEP 6: Now add a row for the “NET WORTH” calculation and enter the formula =B20+B16+B11-B6. Copy the same formula in the entire row, and you will be able to see the net worth for each month. This way, you can automatically add all your assets and subtract liabilities to calculate your net worth for the respective month.


Here you have it! You’ve now generated a simple net worth spreadsheet Google Sheets and a free net worth spreadsheet template.

Access the Google Sheets Net Worth Template Here

Add Charts to Track Your Progress in a Personal Net Worth Spreadsheet

To track the growth and trend of your net worth, you will need charts to get a glimpse of the trend of your financial situation.

To do this, Go to Insert and click on Chart.


In the sidebar under Data range, type the cells for which you want to generate the chart. In our example, we use A6:M6,A1:M1, and press Enter.


In the same sidebar under the header Series, you can add cell numbers for different items to generate charts for each category. In this way, you can have a separate chart for net worth, total debt, total investments, etc. Also, you can customize the chart to show labels and titles to the X and Y axis.

Things to Keep In Mind

  • Always keep an unedited copy of your template for future data entries.
  • Do not overwrite the formula cells.
  • Data categories are customizable according to your requirements.
  • Always double-check the data entered in the cells, so the results generated are error-free.
  • Double-check the formula in the formula bars before entering your data.
  • Google Sheets is a goldmine for people looking for convenience in managing their lives. Some other functionalities of Google Sheets that make up a great combination with a statement of the net worth template are the GOOGLEFINANCE function”, “Google Sheets Inventory Template”, and a “Profit and Loss Template”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Track Net Worth?

You can track your net worth in a personal net worth spreadsheet in Google Sheets by either using a personal net worth statement template or creating one from scratch (like I did with my rental property spreadsheet template).

Spreadsheets for net worth in a Google Sheet give you an excellent platform to summarize the heads and items you need to determine net worth. In a net worth Google Sheets spreadsheet, all you need is to type in the data and formulas, and it will do the job for you.

You can generate charts to get a visual glimpse of trends for your assets and liabilities. The calculations and graphs generated via spreadsheets are error-free and accurate, so you can get a true representation of your financial situation.

How Do You Calculate Individual Net Worth?

Your net worth is a measure of your wealth. You get net worth by subtracting your total liabilities from your total assets. It is what you own minus what you owe.

Positive figures indicate you own more than you owe, and a negative figure indicates that you owe more than you own. Your assets include cash, real estate, savings, investments, etc. In contrast, your liabilities include everything you owe, such as car loan, student loan, credit card balances, mortgages, etc.

You should keep in mind that your day-to-day spending, such as Target and Starbucks, are your simple expenses and NOT liabilities.

What Is Average Net Worth By Age?

Average net worth is calculated by adding the net worth of individuals within the same group and then dividing the figure by the number of individuals in the group. The average net worth for individuals between 35-44 is $436,200. For individuals between 45-54 it is $833,200. For individuals between 55-64 years, it is $1,175,900. For individuals between 65-74 years of age, this number is $1,217,700.

Why Is It Important to Track Your Net Worth?

Net worth is an accurate representation of where you stand financially. Tracking your net worth from time to time will help you determine where you stand and where you want to be. You can use these statements to assess your past financial situation and set goals for progress in the future. You can then utilize this statement to create monthly or annual budgets. Moreover, this statement can influence wise spending. Maintaining this statement will motivate you to save and invest, check your retirement plans, and manage debt efficiently.


It is essential to keep an eye on your financial progress to achieve your goals and efficiently manage your assets and liabilities. Tracking net worth is important as it provides a glimpse of your financial situation at any point in time.

For this purpose, you need a platform to summarize and calculate all heads of information regarding net worth. Maintaining your own net worth spreadsheet is a good option for people who want a high level of customization and control over what categories of information they want to maintain to track their net worth.

This method of using a net worth projection spreadsheet gives you transparency across your stored content. By tracking net worth in Google Sheets, you will be able to customize the sheets from scratch according to your requirements.

This article provided you with steps that you need to follow to create a simple net worth spreadsheet for your use. Do not waste time, and start maintaining data in one place to track how your financial situation is going on!


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