10 Best Google Slides Business Templates in 2023

In this article, we have curated the top ten Google Slides business templates you can access and edit for your presentations. Given the importance of effective communication in today’s business world, a well-designed presentation file can make all the difference.

Take your Google Slides presentations to the next level by accessing the templates below!

Best Google Slides Business Templates

Whether you need to create a compelling pitch deck, analyze your business’s strengths and weaknesses, or onboard new employees, we have the right business slides templates for you.

1. Pitch Deck Business Google Slides Template

Google Slides business templates—Preview of a pitch desk presentation template


Do you want to convince your potential investors and clients? Ensure that you have a well-designed pitch deck presentation first. Here, you want to effectively convey what your business plan is about, the value you can offer, and other key elements of your business.

In our pitch deck Google Slides template, you can:

  • Discuss the market problems and solutions
  • Present the product or service that you have to offer
  • Showcase key numbers and figures
  • Introduce your competitors
  • Present your company’s details

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2. SWOT Analysis Google Slides Template

Preview of a SWOT analysis presentation template in Google Slides

Regularly assessing the internal and external factors affecting your business is crucial to making informed decisions. Here, the goal is to share every strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat to your business with other company members.

To achieve this, you can use our SWOT analysis template for Google Slides. It allows you to:

  • Discuss the current status and overview of your company
  • Present the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats affecting your business
  • Showcase your business milestones and key figures
  • Create timelines and present future plans for your company

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3. Employee Onboarding Google Slides Template for Business

Preview of an employee onboarding template in Google Slides

A proper onboarding process is essential in retaining new hires by helping them integrate with your business. To achieve this, you must provide them with the necessary information and resources to become engaged team members.

This employee onboarding Google Slides template features the following sections:

  • Company’s mission, vision, and culture
  • Company overview (history, industry, and products or services offered)
  • Organizational structure and team introduction
  • Employee benefits, training, and resources
  • Company policies
  • Frequently asked questions, contact information, and employee’s next steps

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4. Event Planning Presentation Template

Preview of a violet-themed event planning Google Slides template

Rigorous planning is essential for the success of every event. To effectively communicate various aspects, such as logistics, timeline, and other key details, utilizing an event planning presentation template is highly beneficial.

By downloading our template, you can utilize the following components for your presentation:

  • Overview of the event
  • Agenda and timeline breakdown
  • Speakers and presenters
  • Venue details
  • RSVPs and invitation management

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5. Conference Presentation Template for Google Slides

Preview of a conference presentation template in Google Slides

If you want to capture your audience’s attention and deliver an effective presentation, a well-crafted conference Google Slides template can be instrumental. This free template contains sections that allow you to:

  • State your agenda clearly using a vertical process chart
  • Showcase your methodologies with four numbered circles
  • Present data and statistics using figures and bar graphs
  • Leave a compelling conclusion with a three-part process diagram

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6. Business Proposal Google Slides Template

Preview of a white minimalist presentation template in Google Slides

When proposing a business project, it is crucial to focus on essential elements to effectively convey your ideas. This business proposal Google Slides template embraces a less-is-more approach, featuring ample whitespace and an uncluttered layout.

It also includes the following elements:

  • Company and team portfolio slides
  • Project timeline placeholders
  • Price and budget breakdowns
  • Process guides
  • Case study sections

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7. Retro Google Slides Business Template

Preview of a retro-themed presentation template in Google Slides

Business presentations don’t have to rely solely on formal and monochromatic colors. In creative industries like fashion and advertising, incorporating colors into your presentation can showcase your brand’s personality.

This retro-themed Google Slides business template allows you to do just that, especially if you want to infuse a ‘70s vibe into your presentation. It also features:

  • A dedicated section for your company profile
  • Portfolio elements
  • Phone mockup slides
  • Pricing tables and other elements

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8. Creative Business Google Slides Template

Red and white colored slides of a Google Slides template

If you want your presentation to showcase bold colors, this creative Google Slides template is a suitable option. It uses bright red and blue hues with a hint of neon, making it especially fitting for professionals in the media and graphic design industries.

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9. Company Profile Presentation

Blue-colored presentation template for company profile

When dealing with potential clients, investors, and stakeholders, you can effectively introduce your business using a well-designed company profile presentation template. This involves showcasing your milestones, the team’s successes, and what you have to offer.

In this template, you will find the following parts:

  • Meet the team section
  • Dedicated space for the CEO’s message
  • Company overview
  • Product information, along with description and performance analysis
  • Investment timeline charts and other diagrams

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10. Business Plan Google Slides Template

Black and white presentation template

Besides creating a document for your business plan, you also want to communicate your plan with your team. You can achieve this by using a comprehensive Google Slides business plan template like this one.

In addition to dedicated slides for company details, you can also find the following elements in the template:

  • Plan timeline
  • Sections where you can add the partner businesses involved
  • Slides for market-related content, including analysis, trends, size, and share
  • Problem-solution statement

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Benefits of Using Google Slides Templates for Business

In addition to reducing the time and effort needed to set up your presentation file, here are a few other reasons to use Google Slides business templates:

Professional Design

Most Google Slides business templates are designed to have polished and professional looks. They can also help retain consistency in terms of theme, color, font style, and content. Usually, you just need to modify their ready-to-edit placeholders to set up your presentation.

Easy Collaboration

Google Slides presentations are very easy to share, which makes collaboration straightforward too. The platform itself is also accessible on various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Better Content

Most templates are designed to feature various types of content that you may not have thought of using before. These can include charts, lists, and other categories. Besides this, you can also focus more on crafting a compelling message while leveraging the design elements already provided.

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Final Thoughts

With the right Google Slides business template, you can put more focus on the great ideas that you want to communicate. Simply access one of our templates above, incorporate your content, and start practicing for your big day.

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