5 Best Pay Stub Templates in Google Docs [Free Templates]

Pay stub template Google Docs—preview of basic employee pay stub template

Before distributing pay stubs to your employees, you want to ensure that all essential details are included, from total earnings to deductions and taxes. With our handpicked selection of the five best pay stub templates in Google Docs, you can guarantee that every crucial element is captured accurately. These templates are designed to streamline the … Read more

How to Be Anonymous on Google Docs [3 Easy Methods]

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Google Docs is well known for its collaborative features and the ability to share and view real-time edits. However, sometimes you may want to access a Google Docs file anonymously, whether to protect your account details or to leave edits and comments anonymously. In this guide, we’ll explore how to be anonymous on Google Docs … Read more

How to Fix Google Docs Words Going Off the Page

Page setup window to fix google docs words going off the page

No matter how good tech tools are, there’ll always be a couple of glitches, and Google Docs is no different. There are times you may have been working on your document, and you realize the words are spilling off the side of the page. This is an annoying problem but definitely not a difficult one … Read more