An Easy AVERAGEIFS Google Sheets Quick Start Guide for 2023

AVERAGEIFS Google Sheets with multiple conditions

IF functions in Google Sheets are some of the most powerful functions when it comes to drawing conclusions from your raw data. Once you understand one of them, you can extrapolate how to work with all of them. IFS are a little different as they can work with multiple conditions. This guide will walk you … Read more

Simple Linear Regression Google Sheets Guide (Video + 2 Examples)

A linear regression Google Sheets example

Not many people know that Google Sheets provides functions for many data analysis methods, and they aren’t that complex, even for beginners. But one of these widely known Google Sheets tools is known as the Linear Regression method. This article will detail everything you need to know about the Google Sheets linear regression method. We will … Read more

2 Apartment Hunting Spreadsheet Templates (+ Easy Guide)

An example apartment hunting spreadsheet

An apartment hunting spreadsheet can make life easier for you when you’re looking to rent, especially if the market is troublesome like it currently is. This article will cover everything you need to know about building a spreadsheet to help you find the perfect apartment for your budget. Alternatively, you could just: Download Our Apartment … Read more